Friday, September 25, 2020

This has been a difficult week. The culmination of news both locally and nationally, ongoing since late May, has heightened concerns for the safety and security of marginalized communities, specifically Black communities and Black students.

The MISSE Team cares deeply about supporting University of Iowa students' holistic safety and well-being. It would be careless of the professional staff to dismiss the valid feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, and concerns to one's personal and academic success. The MISSE professional staff are here for you, and we are available to listen, to support, and offer connection to UI and community resources.

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We understand that the influx of people who will be entering Johnson County on Friday may impact this sense of safety and security. Knowing this, we are sharing information about how to navigate these spaces as you make the decision to participate in any form of community organizing efforts this weekend and/or beyond.


Mental Health at Iowa

Black Student Support Group

Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project

Community organizing resources